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Who We Are

Happy Tails Pet Services - Sean & Junebug

Happy Tails Pet Services in Austin is a small business owned and operated by Sean Showalter.  Currently we offer dog walking, dog boarding and doggie day trips with hopes of adding more services such as training, sitting and a pet taxi in the future.  

Sean got his start dog walking in Austin in early December 2017 working for another dog walking company.  He quickly discovered that he had a real knack and love for dogs and decided he would start his own business.  A few months later, Sean began branching out on his own.  His current goals are to become a certified dog trainer and is actively pursuing his education.

Sean has a German Shepherd named Star who is awesome and often tags along on dog walks.  She's super friendly and get's along with all dogs and people.

Sean is a volunteer at the Austin Animal Center and has volunteered at Austin Wildlife Rescue in the past.

When not walking dogs, you can find Sean, a singer/songwriter, gigging around town.  Check out his site at www.seanshowalter.com.

Services We Offer

Happy Tails Pet Services - Buster

Currently we offer the following:

  • Dog Walking
  • Doggie Day Trips
  • Dog Boarding
  • Pet Check-Ins
  • Pet Taxi

We plan on adding more services in the future, like pet sitting and dog training.  

Take a look at the Rates & Services page for more info!

Why Choose Us?

Happy Tails Pet Services - Star at Sunrise near Galveston, TX

Technology today has made booking pet services much quicker and easier.  Utilizing your mobile device, you can now book a walk in seconds.  So why choose a small company where you may have to spend a little more time to set up an appointment?  

Something to consider is that you are giving a stranger access to your home.  You are also trusting someone whom you've never met with your dog, which may cause your dog some stress.  If it were me, I would want to know my dog walker and see some testimonials validating them.  Trust is earned, not given.  

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