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Happy Tails Pet Services - Sean & Junebug

Happy Tails Pet Services in Austin is a small business owned and operated by Sean Showalter. Sean's passion for animals can be traced back to his childhood.  His grandparents, Albert and Martha Bond Showalter,  had horses.  Sean got to ride and feed the horses when he was just a toddler. 

When Sean was about 12 or so his uncle Kenny got a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Brownie, who quickly became the love of the family.  Everyone loved playing fetch and getting to see Brownie during family get togethers.  

At home, Sean had cats and a goldfish.  One of his childhood friends had German Shepherds.  His next door neighbor had a Pit Bull.  Over the years, Sean has had many animals including birds, fish, guinea pigs, lizards, dogs and cats.  If Sean had infinite time and money he'd buy a farm and live like Old MacDonald!  

Sean got his start dog walking in Austin in early December 2017 working for another dog walking company.  He quickly discovered that he had a real knack and love for dogs and decided he would start his own business.  A few months later, Sean began branching out on his own.  His current goals are to become a certified dog trainer and is actively pursuing his education.

Sean is a volunteer at the Austin Animal Center and Austin Wildlife Rescue.  At Happy Tails Pet Services, we advocate helping animals and serving others.  To that end, check out some volunteer opportunities on our "Get Involved" page!

When not walking dogs, you can find Sean, a singer/songwriter, gigging around town.  Check out his site at www.seanshowalter.com.  Sean also teaches guitar/bass lessons!  Check out www.guitarguru.us for more!

Services We Offer

Sean & Liam

Currently we offer the following:

  • Dog Walking
  • Doggie Day Trips
  • Dog Boarding
  • Pet Check-Ins
  • Pet Taxi

We plan on adding more services in the future, like pet sitting and dog training.  

Take a look at the Rates & Services page for more info!

Why Choose Us?


Technology today has made booking pet services much quicker and easier.  Utilizing your mobile device, you can now book a walk in seconds.  So why choose a small company where you may have to spend a little more time to set up an appointment?  

Something to consider is that you are giving a stranger access to your home.  You are also trusting someone whom you've never met with your dog, which may cause your dog some stress.  If it were me, I would want to know my dog walker and see some testimonials validating them.  Trust is earned, not given.  

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